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Establishing A Good Coaching Relationship

As an executive coach I want to ensure you feel comfortable and able to talk openly in a coaching session. Hence I am keen to spend time establishing positive coaching relationships with my clients.

If you are thinking of starting coaching it is really important to find a coach that you feel you can talk and relate to. This often means contacting more than one coach, researching their background and qualifications and having an exploratory telephone conversation.

My coaching relationships are built on honesty, openness and trust and my coaching conversations are built on equality and respect. Coaching is two-way process but the coaching agenda is always set by my clients. That means that you decide what you want to talk about and what you want to share and what you want to achieve as an outcome of the coaching. My focus will be on listening carefully to what you are saying, asking questions and keeping my focus on what you are thinking and experiencing.

I believe that you are responsible for setting your goals and for making decisions, choosing options and achieving the results or outcomes you want. The coaching conversations can certainly help to enhance your confidence and personal capabilities along with helping you to achieve better results than you ever imagined were possible.

Although I will spend most of our coaching sessions listening and asking you questions, I may also challenge you and sometimes use silence if I feel that thinking time may help deeper reflection and better outcomes for you. I am firmly of the belief that you are resourceful and capable of making changes and generating perfect solutions.

As an executive coach I commit to supporting, respecting and helping you to achieve your goals as an outcome of establishing a good coaching relationship.

As Nancy Klein writes

The brilliant executive coach is the one that brings out the brilliance of the client. The coach realises that the brilliant person is the client. The coach’s job is to help the client to discover that. Providing a good coaching environment and thinking space gives the client space to work out what they already know and think of new ideas for themselves – ideas that work.

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