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Good leadership skills essential...

Good leadership is especially critical when universities have to adapt to a turbulent and challenging environment. When times are good, leading a university, a school, service or a departmental team is exciting. Resources are available, staff and students tend to be more satisfied and opportunities to invest and grow are plentiful. However, when the external environment is uncertain and challenging, this excitement and positive energy is likely to weaken. People feel the pressure as workloads increase, staff are not replaced, cutting costs and conserving money are the prevailing messages with some staff fearing for their jobs. The coronavirus pandemic and consequent economic uncertainty, has precipitated unprecedented challenges and changes for leaders at all levels in UK higher education.

Thriving as a leader in times of change requires new mindsets, cultures and behaviours.

One of the key ways that university leaders can protect their organisations in an economic downturn is to develop a culture that builds and sustains effective leadership practices. Good leadership is good leadership, regardless of the economic environment. Whilst the need to control costs and conserve cash is important, universities also need leaders at all levels, who are creative, innovative and can see opportunity – and who will strive to seize that opportunity – despite the negativity.

Leadership needs to be redefined and university leaders have to redefine and develop themselves for the new disrupted “non-normal” world in which we are now living and working.

As we enter a new and different era for higher education, the NCEE Entrepreneurial Headsprogramme has never been more relevant or meaningful in terms of leadership development for Heads of Schools or Services. The programme, comprising five linked, half- day sessions is now being offered on-line and introduces participants to the concepts of entrepreneurial leadership and change management and how to implement these concepts in practice. We have an excellent line-up of speakers booked for the next programme which will run in October and November 2020. How will you benefit and what will you gain from participating in Entrepreneurial Heads ?

  • Greater confidence in leading change and responding to the challenges ahead

  • Ability to apply a change mindset

  • New knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and tools to implement change

  • Building a network with like-minded individuals who are facing similar challenges.

  • Understanding the changes and challenges impacting on the sector

  • Understanding of the concepts and theories of entrepreneurial leadership and change management.

  • Opportunities for leadership development and career progression with the option of progressing to the NCEE Entrepreneurial Leaders programme.

Below is some of the feedback from participants on the recent Entrepreneurial Heads programme:

"Inspirational and excellent value for money in terms of effective leadership training and education"
"Opportunity to challenge my own approaches and perceptions whilst drawing on best practice approaches from across the sector" "
Useful real-life case studies, engaging speakers and tools to apply the insights in my own leadership role"

In summary, NCEE Entrepreneurial Heads is designed to enable you, as a Head, to lead more effectively and to respond positively and innovatively to the challenges precipitated by the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing changes in the higher education landscape. For more information about NCEE Entrepreneurial Heads and our other programmes and activities please visit the NCEE website or contact or

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